Guiomatic Data API v1 Specification


If you dont have an API KEY, please email



For testing purposes you can use the "testkey" API KEY that limits the content method to five destinations: Madrid (3117735), San Francisco (5391959), Ginebra (2660646), Venice (3164603) and Cape Town (3369157).


This API returns comprehensive information when an error occours in a request. Basic error information contains: error code, error message, request url and timestamp for the query.
1X Error codes are authentication related, 2X Error codes are parameters related and 3X error codes are server related.

Error example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <code>[ERROR CODE]</code>
  <message>[ERROR MESSAGE]</message>
  <requestURL>[ESCAPED REQUEST URL]</requestURL>
  <timestamp>[REQUEST TIMESTAMP]</timestamp>